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# Contemporary times presume the self-defence of women or the protection of children from criminals including kidnappers, too. A dog without training and experience is incapable to overcome man, as living man is not regarded as prey for it and for similar predators. A dog is a living being made social which considers man as a friend but it also possesses the qualities needed for active protection namely in such cases that are legally determined as necessary self-protection or as extreme necessity. The attacker is deterred from his intention but in case of an attack or of other form of danger, it provides active protection and meanwhile it prevents from using a firearm. I hope you will agree with us that it is worthier to secure personal protection with the help of a dog than with a firearm. The shot bullet can be fatal, while a trained dog can cause only bodily injuries. The trained dog is harmless after fulfilment of the task or after clearing of the impending danger for its master and his family. By command it finishes active protection. Conditions for the leading owner : that he can give orders to the dog anywhere and any time.
# Conditions for the dog : to carry out the order anywhere and any time.
The conduct of a specially trained dog in the family : Your dog receives the guests in a civilized manner, in the meantime it does not disturb them during the visiting time but our methods guarantee that your dog will not obey strangers' commands, it will not accept food from them. In a word : it will be constantly on the alert because the goal of our methods is that you may have a dog which is distrustful of strangers and which will react with active protection on the basis of sight and without command. At your request your dog will be trained to be friendly towards strangers, and at the same time it will secure your and family 's protection. Well developed European and American countries use trained dogs as most effective defensive means for personal protection and also for property protection without any fear to endanger others. Using dogs for personal protection and for property protection is riskless for you, and the danger is minimized for you to suffer any kind of damage.


We call official dog which:

the caracteristic of nervous system,
refined organs of senses,
and other congenital qualities

are needed for an official dog, or it is fit to fulfill those tasks, which are taught to it.

The possibilities of using an official dog.

There are three basic purposes of using an official dog:

1. DISCOVERING - finding
1.1. Finding a hidden or lost person
1.2. Finding and identifying of objects
1.3. Searching through rooms or buildings
1.4. Discovering inflammable, poisonous gases and other similar substances.

2.1. Protection of teritory or object
2.2. Maintenance of public order
2.3. Personal protection
2.4. Guarding of a VIP
2.5. Securing various works.


3.1. Prevention of crimes
3.2. Interfering in crimes
3.3. Stopping a criminal
3.4. Preventing working obstacles
3.5. Dispersing an offensive group and compeling towards a rational attitude
3.6. Hindering a situation which can cause damages.

Those dogs, which work for a deffinite scenario, and are competing for points, in real life do not have a value in working, because of their methods of training. The qualities of an IPO or SCHh dog are not enough for an official dog if you realy want to use it.
For example:
In the case of a dog, which competes at IPO, the preydrive is 80% and the abbility of defence is 20%. This dog will be a WORLD CHAMPION in "work" class.

In practice this dog will accomplish 40% in real life situations.

The criteria are much higher at the dogs used in real life situations. In the case of any working dog if this percentage is 50:50, then a 100% performance can be expected. It is permitted the ability of defence to be higher but never the contrary.

If we compare the IPO program and the defence dog training methods we realise the following:
1. Working for food or ball the dog becomes egoist (we also use this method for training dogs, but ONLY SOMETIMES for training official dogs).
2. The handler and the dog form a team, they depend on each other. If they don't they will never have good results.
The pure breed breeders say: they breed dogs for their beauty. They don't control the dogs health, they have never heard about the basic selective features! For example: In the selection of the official dog courage is the essential feature. There is no work without courage, and no work no achievement. That is why there aren't enough dogs which are fit for carrying out various services.
If there are frightened dogs in the breeding (and unfortunatelly there already are) the problem is unsolvable. But the dog hasn't only head and hip. The primary importance in the dog's - especially the official dog's- breed is to produce healthy, viable dogs, which have caracteristic features to become official dogs. At the official competitions not even the presented work is scored. They only take into consideration the dog's character and quality.

In the A phase of the training (tracking) the contestants forget that the dog which tracks down only that trace where we passed by, with his nose on the ground, in fact commits error after error in order to satisfy the script.

The official dog must be motivated to act operative during tracking. The dog smells the trace where someone passed by. The official dog must take a short cut of the angles, can check the trace and it must be able to identify the requested trace.

In the B phase the official dogs are trained for obedience.
It is important that the official dog to respond to any command anywhere and anytime, meanwhile it must be independent when weighing things up (operative attitude). This depends on the dog as well as on the methods of training that in real situation when the owner is attacked to respond with active defence. At the official dogs the basic demand is the love of work and firmness.

In the C phase dogs are trained for defence. In the IPO programe the contestants have to search the field, however it is known that the decoy is behind the last hidding place. The dog previously searches the 5 hidding places and at the last one it starts to bark, begging for something (it is taught by ball)
In real life situation the official dog signals with its attitude if it noticed something and the handler must understand, read his dog's signs.

Specially selected breeds are used as official dogs: German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Rottweiler, Dobermann, Boxer, Airedale Terrier, Riesenschnauzer and Beauceron.
In the case of official dogs we never talk about breeds but dogs which fulfill the criteria. EVERY dog can be a protection dog if it has a solid physique. So Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd crossbreed can be a very good working dog.
THE OFFICIAL DOG IS A HELPER AND A PARTNER FOR ITS HANDLER. In action it can stand in for even ten men thanks to its sense organ (of course if it is in proper hands).

They are used with good results in police, army, and security units as personal protection dogs, etc.


All types of State institutions (Army, Police, Customs, etc.) use official trained dogs for various tasks, and protection & security as well. Our professional dog school has 25 years of experience in the breeding and training of official dogs, with highly qualified staff and is internationally verified and recognized as such.

Thanks to the trained dogs, the risk factors of any sort are cut down to the minimum!


1. Trained dog makes attacker give up his intention/disables the attacker.

2. With the help of a trained dog human guards gain psychological advantage over attacker. Therefore, they become more courageous and safer. Courageous guard does not panic.

3. No use of fire-arms. Instead of fire-arms usage only the trained dog is used for defense.

4. Dogs signal every new situation.

5. Terrain or rooms/premises (objects) search dogs track down/find the hidden person, stop him or signal to guide.

6. All attacks are confronted by active defense and attacker is forced into sensible/reasonable behavior (attack can be with/without the ).

7. Securing the search of captured attacker (if not searched attacker can attempt a new attack on a security guard).

8. Dog attack has paralyzing effect on attacker. Trained dog is courageous and does not fear any weapons (dog doesn't know the possible consequences).

9. Accompanied by a trained dog, security guard is able to search even such terrain which would otherwise be very dangerous, or hard to surmount, or inaccessible for a human. Trained dogs overcome well very great and difficult obstacles.

10. Dogs assist in escorting of captured person/s (transportation - in depth or parallel).

11. Dogs stop the captured person from escaping.

12. Trained dogs are absolutely obedient, both in close proximity to the owner/handler and at smaller/greater distance.

13. Dogs follow the command issued by guide/guard (in the cases when guards are under attack, and a wrong command given to them, react defensively, and protect.)

14. Dogs refuse the food offered by a stranger.

15. Trained dogs are taught to bite the attacker's hand/s. Dog's bite is a very painful one and in the worst of the cases leaves serious bodily damages. However, compared to the bullet shot, which can have fatal consequences, it is still more useful to make a use of a trained dog. (Certainly, in a way which is regulated by law). A bullet once shot nobody can stop from reaching its aim, while a trained dog can be stopped in his initiated action at the very last moment, in case the wrong command was issued at first, or when attacker has surrendered.

All these are only the elementary advantages of the PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED DOGS.

Trained dog and a man are in a close mutual dependency.

Necessary conditions for dog: to obey all commands anywhere at any time.

Necessary conditions for handler: He must be able to control a dog, any time and any place, command the dog and have authority over dog, therefore secure his total obedience.

Why a trained dog? Dog with no training and experience can not successfully overpower man. A living man does not appear as a pray to a dog as a predator. Consequently, a dog must learn all these things. He must be trained.

Dogs suitable for service, are for that purpose selected service/police dogs of the following breed: German Shepherd, Boxer, Doberman, Erdel Terrier, etc. Other breeds are also successfully used, mainly those of medium mass, stronger structure, and have certain characteristics necessary for a service dog.

(Possibility of use according to the nature of tasks)

Workers employed at jobs of property and objects security, use exclusively for that purpose trained dogs (property protection dog and personal protection dogs) which is a law regulation. A protection dog must be in a good health and stable character (healthy and not prone to particular diseases), in an appropriate physical condition and accompanied by a qualified guide (security worker).


Trained dogs can be used in three main purposes (in perimeter):

1. FOR DISCOVERY - tracking/searching

  1. For discovering and tracking hidden or lost people.
  2. For finding of objects and their identification.
  3. For premises or spaces search.
  4. Tracking and discovering evaporation of highly flammable fluids and poisonous gases.
  5. Other.


  1. For territory and object protection.
  2. For order maintenance.
  3. For people protection.
  4. For personal protection of handler/guards.
  5. For securing the execution of work-tasks of guards.


  1. For prevention to criminal commitment.
  2. For stopping the committing of criminal act (initiated action).
  3. For stopping the criminal offender.
  4. For defeating anyone interfering in execution of work-tasks of guards.
  5. For breaking the attacker groups (armed or unarmed - leading attacker/s into the sensible behavior ).
  6. As a means of constraint against the threat which might be harm bearing.




  1. Leading on the leash.
  2. Leading off leash.
  3. Sitting (from the stance and in movement).
  4. Laying down (from the stance and in movement).
  5. Going in the requested direction.
  6. Waiting in the Sit and Lay Down position.
  7. Calling.
  8. Recall (stopping the initiated action).
  9. Sending in the box.
  10. Good manners at the vet.
  11. Prohibition.
  12. Reward/appreciation.
  13. Familiarity with the gunshots and other acoustic stimuli.

Official dog obeys only the handler's command and never takes food from a stranger, be it that offered, thrown or randomly found.

All actions are executed from both a close vicinity and greater distance, with and without sleeves/protective clothes, any place and at any time.


  1. In distance (by means of throwing objects).
  2. In depths (over trench/channel, etc.).
  3. In height (fences, walls, ladder, etc.) - jumps of over 1,8 meters high.
  4. Tunnels (narrow tunnels where a man can not pass through, or the entering of which is dangerous).


(The aim of this exercise is to find the hidden or strayed person)

  1. Space/terrain search, on leash.
  2. Space/terrain search, on leash.
  3. Premise/objects search - on leash.
  4. Premise/objects search - off leash.

When the dogs has found a still/non-attacking person - he starts barking to convey the message, and in case of attack, dogs starts off into immediate active defense. When the attack has ceased the dog stopps his defense at once on a command.



1. Finding the hidden person/object (no bite).
2. Stopping-blocking the found person/object.
3. Warning the guard by behavior or barking.
4. Stopping the attacker (with sleeve or without).
5. Securing the identification.
6. Putting off attack attempt at identification.
7. Securing the search and putting off attack at identification process.
8. Guarding the attacker.
9. Stopping the attacker in escape.
10. Guarding cars and other objects.
11. Protective actions against the armed attacker (fire-arms, knife, stick, etc.).
12. Catching the criminal offender or stopping the commitment of crime (in perimeter).
13. Attack on a passive armed attacker (in case of armed threat).
14. Escorting, securing the transportation of a captured criminal (in depth) - safety distance 4 steps.
15. Defense at escorting - transport.
16. Refusal of command by strangers.
17. Refusal of food from strangers.

All these activities and all combinations of actions in case of visual attack, a trained dog carries out without command. For example, in case of a sudden attack on a handler or security officer when he doesn't manage to give out a command, or command given from a close vicinity or great distance.


Commands: Track!, Guard!, Watch!, Retrieve/Fetch!, Out/Let Go!, Heel!, Stay!.

Special Note: Our trained dogs are taught to stop the attack on a short command, even in the case of the biggest threat, eg. when holding a criminal offender, or when the offender/attacker has surrendered, etc.


Our dogs are characterized/accompanied by:

  1. Athletic looks - they're healthy, fit dogs.
  2. Hip dysplasia scan - within allowed range.
  3. Maximal Wesen - stable temper, etc.
  4. High quality training.
  5. Certificate of competence.

We are able to offer, upon your request all of the following types of training:

  1. Tracking and discovering the oil-line breakages/leakages.
  2. Tracking and discovering evaporation of highly flammable fluids and poisonous gases.
  3. Tracking of lost persons - children, tourists, etc.
  4. Catastrophe rescue work.
  5. Therapeutic dogs.
  6. Any other.

Branko Mrazovac

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