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Cane Corso

Personal Protection DogPersonal Protection Dog

BENZOL-Pressa di Canario-Elite Family Guardian-Personal Protection Dog

Behind his intimidating look,you can find a sweet,lovable,curious family pet!

Benzol is very careful with childrens,he is very well mannered good behaved confident in the house,knowing the manners makes him a perfect inside dog.He can sleep in a crate,but his favourite spot at night is beside the owners bed,he is not disturbing anybody,very polite and patient dog.

Benzol is off lead trained in obedience,and he is very easy to handle even for the first time handling person.

He is a true passanger in the car,always ready to take a ride with the owner anywhere at any time.

Benzol is very alert dog,ready to keep the family safe,on command he will fight the Devil if he is challenging the family.He is a wonderful pet,companion,friend,family member and a Protector in the same time.

Just call us if you are interested,satisfaction is guaranteed with this gentle giant.

Personal Protection DogPersonal Protection Dog

Zlata is a Family Protection Dog,Advanced Obedience(off lead)tarined,House trained,Car trained,Crate trained,Agility trained.

She is great with children's,socialized for other dogs,comfortable on public places.

Zlata is a well socialized,good behaved,well mannered Cane Corso female who is ready to became a part of your family.


Personal Protection DogPersonal Protection Dog

Personal Protection Dog-ZEVS

Zevs is a well socialized,well balanced World Class Cane Corso.

Great with children's,socialized to other dog's,comfortable on public places,house trained,car trained,agility started!