12.10.2018. Monday


Sport. Science. Art. Animal breeding. Hunting. Criminology. History... Business enterprise or a hobby? Separate discipline, strong or loose knot of all and everything. Perhaps a craft one can't do without?!

The name has Greek origin, meaning: kynos = dog, and logos = science.

KYNOLOGY is - all and everything related to dogs.

It is, in fact, biology basically, and its branches are spread in many fields of science.

The main tree is zoology. From the stem, the roots go deep into the ground (the biological ground): paleontology, anatomy, the science of races, then the tree with genetics on it, exterior, the breeding, zoo-hygiene, and from the veterinary science parts which are related to dog.

Right under the parting of the tree crown, where all the branches come from are: etology and the methodology of the dog training. From the methodology of dog training, grow the basic branches: sport's, hunting and criminal-kynology.

On the widespread branch and twigs we find the variety of rugged leaves, beginning with the buds of the sociology and pedagogy, all the way to the sprouts of ethnography and linguistics.

On the very top of the tree, far from the ground, yet getting by the tree the supply of vital juices from the ground, there are the literary works on dogs. On the trunk and among the branches we can also find a very rich history of kynology.

Today kynology is at the service of men, with the objective aims marked. A profession was created in order to reap practical benefits. Profession it is but art as well. The art that should not lack in aesthetics, neither in artistic intuition. Surely, even for this one must be born, to have a talent and the ability, as it is the case with all the other "unusual" vocations (actors, writers, journalists... etc.)

The usefulness of this profession, which is, the Dog Trainer, lays in the training of dogs of various professions: guardian dogs, hunting dogs, blind people guide-dogs, deaf-mute aids, corpses seekers, army and police service dogs, personal protection dogs, catastrophe rescue dogs and many, many more.

Branko Mrazovac